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Music Sense Plans and Pricing

One Plan. Everything Included.

Update: We have replaced all of our plans with one low, affordable price aimed at helping independent musicians get more results with as little overhead as possible, and we are offering a limited time special pricing to all musicians.
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Music Sense Ultimate


  • Build an unlimited list of email and mobile subscribers.
  • Embed promote and sell your music from your own site.
  • Broadcast updates and announcements with one click.
  • Sell offline and on mobile with built in marketing tools.
  • Launch and track campaigns with web and QR analytics.
  • Boost sales on your iTunes, Reverb, CD Baby and other sites.
  • Target real listeners, not just other musicians.
  • NEW! Seamlessly Create & Sell Digital Albums.

($14.95 per month value)


  • Digital Distribution Through Blogs & Social Media
  • Host Unlimited Music (No Account Restrictions)
  • Set Your Own Prices & Keep 100% of Sales
  • Sell Direct With No Waiting To Get Paid
  • Custom Marketing Tools (formerly for manager accounts)
  • Broadcast Formatting (formerly for broadcast accounts)
  • Archiving & RSS Feed (formerly for broadcast plus accounts)

* Custom marketing tools include Subscriptions, Messaging & SMS, and QR Codes

($80 per month value)


  • Get listed on our Echoingwalls Music Marketplace ($14.95 per month value)
  • Be Included in our Automated Playlist ($9.99 per month value)
  • Your Listeners Enjoy Better Compatibility With Mobile Devices
  • Sell Direct With No Waiting To Get Paid
  • Get Access To Time-Freeing Tools So You Can Focus On Your Music
  • Grow Faster With Built-In Online Marketing ($129.00 per month value)
  • No More Dealing With Complicated App
  • *** $250 Annual Refund protection (Was $100)
  • *** Real World Connections ($7.99 per month value)

($182.76 per month value)


As a bonus for joining Music Sense Ultimate today, and for a limited time, you will also get:

  • Unlimited Access To Monthly Sales & Marketing Training ($97 per month value)
  • Unlimited Access To Our Online Marketing Toolkit ($120 annual value)
  • A Free Digital Copy of our Music Theory Book ($7.00 value)

($1291 annual value - FREE)

BUT WAIT! There's more!

Here's a look at what's coming soon!

  • Included Online Streaming Service
    - Independent music, your music, all day and night, with your information for people to like, subscribe, download and purchase.
  • Included Online Music Store
    - We're launchning a digital music marketplace for the public to buy from, and it will be all independent music.
  • Included Business Directory Promotion
    - A resource for businesses and venues to book your talent.


Not including bonuses, the total value of all of our services is $277.71 per month! That's 3,332.52 per year!

But, with the new Music Sense Ultimate Membership Program you won't pay $277.71 per month.

You won't even pay $139 per month (50%), and you even pay $69 per month (75% off), and that would be an amazing deal!

Today, enjoy an affordable regular price of only $12.99 per month!

You get the services, all of the benefits, and the bonuses - a total annual value of $4,623.52 - for just$12.99 per month!

Why would we essentially give away our best value items to you like this? Well, it turns out that the answer is pretty simple.

Our company was founded by a musician who is dedicated to helping other musicians. We believe that music should come first, but not at the sacrifice of being able to make a decent living.

And we believe that today's music industry doesn't offer what musicians truly need in order to succeed without having to pay a heavy price.

Because we believe what we believe, we're willing to do what no one else is - put everything on the line and put musicians and their music first.

At Echoingwalls ™ Music we work for you. We put you first.

Sign up today and pay only$12.99 per month!

Amazing Service. One Low Price.

$12.99 per month


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