Music Sense Member Agreement

  1. I agree that anything I upload and share on Music Sense, I am the owner of, or have rights to and/or permission to use including mix tapes and collaborations.
  2. I understand and acknowledge that I am solely and legally responsible for anything I upload and share.
  3. I am aware that using 3rd Party puchase links invalidates certain guarantees of Music Sense.
  4. I give permission to Echoingwalls Music to sumbit my music freely to independent stations for air play.
  5. I understand that if copyrights are challenged any 3rd party, Music Sense reserves the right to remove contested content until matters are resolved.
  6. I understand that Music Sense does not pay royalties for music broadcast on it's radio stream, or for streams on any of their websites, or for streams received during marketing.
  7. I have read and agree to the Music Sense Privacy Policy located here:
  8. I have read and agree to the Music Sense Terms of Service located here: