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About Music Sense Digital Music Distribution

Music Sense Digital Music Distribution  Digital Distribution Company

Originally created by a musician for musicians, Music Sense is a very unique digital distribution platform that allows you to take ownership of your music in a way that makes sense... music sense.

As a Digital Distribution Company, Music Sense aims to solve a lot of the problems musicians, producers, engineers, industry-professionals, and anyone with digital music or video to share faces; Our unique technology and "common sense" approach provides a valuable and much needed edge to help members be successful.

When you upload your music to music sense a few really cool things start to happen.

  1. Anything you upload becomes instantly available on virtually ANY Internet-connected device, including smart phones and mobile devices.
  2. QR codes, (or quick-response codes) are generated for every item including your profile, content pages, subscription center and more; This allows anyone who sees your QR code on a flyer, t-shirt, or anywhere else you want to put it, listen to your music, watch your videos, purchase merchandise, subscribe and share, and even download content right then and there.
  3. The profile you create is automatically SEO optimized and submitted to search engines and directories for indexing.
  4. Along with the optimization, Music Sense creates an online marketing profile for you with dozens of high PR sites that automatically update when you add content or make changes, and your profile is also designed for easy sharing by viewers.

Music Sense is not just another third party service with widgets and toys for you to play with. It empowers you and provides the tools and features you need in order to get more exposure and make more money as well.

Tools and features such as:

  • Subscriptions, Messaging & SMS: Music Sense includes a powerful subscription service that allows you to send out updates to your email subscribers, and SMS text messages to your automated mobile list.
  • Secure & Unlimited Space: Music Sense has removed all limits on how much music you can upload and store, and our hosting is secure behind SSL and 256-bit encryption.
  • 100% of Sales: When you sell your content, Music Sense does not take a cut of it. You keep 100% of your sales.
  • Detailed Demographics: Your profile is a powerful marketing resource that keeps track of who's visiting, how often, where they're coming from, and where they are - this will help you to in many ways.
  • ... and much more.

Watch this video, and see part of why Music Sense is unique:

WHY Music Sense It's simple...

As a service started by a struggling musician, Music Sense is very sensitive to the challenges, burdens, costs and financial obligations that comes with being in the industry.

We were also sick of services that rope you in with big promises and deliver a service with restrictions and limited features, and in the end STILL leave you fend for yourself, do your own marketing, and pay more and more money to get the features you needed.

What's the bottom line?

If you're serious about getting your content out there; if you're looking for something different that will help you get where you want to go; if you want a service that is unrestricted, affordable, and have YOU in mind... Music Sense is for you.

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